Community and Connection

Hospital InReach – Mosaic Clubhouse

This project will benefit individuals who have been admitted to mental health wards in Lambeth. Long term stays on acute mental health wards are often characterised by the lack of connection with the ‘outside’ world and the paucity of socially integrated activities. Those on mental health wards often experience a clear separation of hospital treatment (treatment of illness) and social care (the provision of community facilities and opportunities including work). As a result, those that are discharged from wards are often excluded from the community, lack the skills and knowledge to live independently and struggle to make use of community support. This can lead to further deterioration in mental health and re-hospitalisation.

Connecting inpatients to community support

The Hospital InReach programme will be delivered by Angela Wilson, a Mosaic Clubhouse Engagement Worker, and a team of Mosaic Members who are trained as Peer Workers with lived experience of mental ill-health. Peer Workers will be engaged in all aspects of the project and will be especially important as role models for current in-patients, showing them the possibilities for their recovery. Angela and the team will visit the hospital for several hours each day to talk with staff, and engage and inform patients of how Mosaic can support them achieve to their wellbeing goals.

Angela Wilson - Engagement Worker, Mosaic Clubhouse

A proven approach leading to meaningful impact

Mosaic has previously trialled its approach in a pilot programme and saw how simple acts of assistance and consistent engagement could lead to patients having a greater feeling of connection to the community from which they were temporarily separated.

With the funding provided by Maudsley Charity, Mosaic hopes to ensure that patients on wards develop the skills needed to live independently and feel more confident to engage in community-based services once they are discharged, leading to lower instances of repeat hospitalisations. They also want to work with ward staff to improve their knowledge of support services in the local community which they can signpost patients to before being discharged.

We are delighted to be working with Maudsley on this vital project.   Many members of Mosaic Clubhouse have spent time in hospital.  They tell us about the isolation they experience and the lack of connection with the outside world and the community.  Our project will help people in hospital keep up those community connections and ensure their needs, abilities and aspirations are at the centre of the support they are receiving.”

Chris Thomas