Lambeth Hospital

Lambeth Hospital provides inpatient and community services to NHS patients

Lambeth Hospital is a 300 bedded hospital located in Clapham. The site provides inpatient and community services for NHS patients.

We fund projects at the hospital to improve the lives of our patients and staff.  We’re helping to equip healthcare professionals with the skills they need to be the best at their job, by investing in Maudsley Simulation a project that enables clinicians to use virtual reality and simulation it is the UK’s first simulation training centre, focusing on mental health with the aim of improving services for all who are affected or impacted by mental health issues.

Supporting the work of the Adamson Collection Trust has enable a rare, and important collection of art work to be displayed across the hospital, enriching the lives of patients and staff on the site. We’ve funded Raw Sounds to deliver music workshops on inpatient wards, enabling people in hospital to learn new skills and participate in music therapy.

Each year we support more than 1000 patients, providing hospital welfare grants to ensure patients don’t experience unnecessary hardship whilst receiving hospital inpatient care.