Bethlem Royal Hospital

Bethlem Royal Hospital is the oldest psychiatric hospital in the world

Founded by a charitable deed in 1247 charity has always been central to the history and work of the hospital. Originally located in the City of London, since 1930 the hospital has been located in Beckenham in the London Borough of Bromley. Set in more than 270 acres the hospital provides a unique setting for patients and staff. The hospital is home to a number of the Trust’s National and Specialist services, many of which are unique, or the only one of their kind in Europe, as well as a range of local community services. The Bethlem Royal Hospital is also the home of Bethlem Gallery and Museum, two major projects funded by the charity.

We fund a number of projects across the site that make a difference to the lives of patients, staff and the local community. We recognise the important role that physical health plays in mental wellbeing and provided a grant for an outdoor gym that can be used by everyone. We’ve excited to have supported the first Park Run in the UK to take place on an NHS site.

We understand that importance of occupational therapy in recovery, and fund a number of projects at Bethlem to enhance the experience patients have whilst inpatients, from garden therapy to  pottery and woodwork.

Each year we support more than 1000 patients, providing hospital welfare grants to ensure patients don’t experience unnecessary hardship whilst receiving hospital inpatient care.