Impact summary: 2022-23

At Maudsley Charity we fund and promote ideas, collaborations and teams that give people most affected by mental ill-health the best chance to recover and fulfil their potential. Find out more about the impact we've made in the financial year 2022-23.

This year has been simultaneously one of growth, and of greater focus. As we have increased our ambition, our funding commitment, and the size of the team that we need to deliver effectively, we want to ensure that we put those resources to work on the issues and in the spaces where they can make the most positive change.

Rebecca Gray, CEO and Frances Corner, Chair

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Our year in numbers

Our grantmaking

We provide funding for projects through a selection of programmes.

Thematic funding: Large-scale programmes that aim to make change by placing greater focus on specific areas over a longer period. These are areas where we know we can make a tangible and lasting difference to people’s lives.

Anchor grants: Long-term, stable funding for four projects which collectively support South London and Maudsley through programmes and activities for service users, as well as the preservation of the Trust’s archive.

South London and Maudsley grants: This package of grants is exclusively available to South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust and acknowledges our strong historical and ongoing ties.

Infrastructure grants: This programme addresses underlying obstacles to good quality care. The majority of these grants go to South London and Maudsley or projects on which they partner with King’s IoPPN.

Transformation grants: Our flagship project, The Pears Maudsley Centre for Children and Young People, was funded from this programme which is focused on large-scale projects.

Thematic programmes

We have currently pledged £10 million over 5 years to each of two themes – Living Well with Psychosis, and Young People Most at Risk of Mental Illness. These grants will go towards quality improvement projects, research and evaluation, and voluntary sector initiatives. In 2022/23 we continued to carry out scoping for the young people programme and moved forward with Phase 1 of Living Well with Psychosis awarding £846,575 to 6 projects.

Anchor programme

We provide funding to four key programmes at South London and Maudsley that enhance local service delivery, benefit local people and service users, and help to reduce the stigma that surrounds mental illness. Our funding enables these programmes to remain free and accessible for all. They are the Volunteer Service, Recovery College, Bethlem Gallery and Bethlem Museum of the Mind. We’ve pledged over £3.4m to these projects until 2025.
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Recovery college

Change Makers

Change Makers is open exclusively to South London and Maudsley staff to fund small ideas that could make a big difference. Through this scheme we award staff between £200 and £2,000 to kickstart projects on wards, and services that improve access, outcomes or experience of people with mental illness. In 2022/23 we delivered the first two rounds of Change Makers funding, awarding £73,276 to 55 projects.
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Featured projects

Every single one of the projects we invest in has the potential for positive impact on the lives of people with mental illness and the lives of those caring for them. We’re shining a light on just a few of these projects.


Hear from some of the real people who have contributed to and benefitted from the work we fund.

The ORTUS Centre

We built and operate ORTUS on a break-even basis for the benefit of everyone who walks through our doors. More than a building, it's a place for learning, for ideas and for connection. We host members of the local community, members of our partner organisations, as well as training, conferences and art exhibitions. We welcomed 16,400 visitors in 2022/23, across 700 events and meetings.
Hear from one of our regular visitors

Annual Report 2022/23

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