Innovation and Improvement

Earlier access to effective treatment in patients with psychosis

Evaluating a new approach designed to substantially reduce the delay in accessing Clozapine

In 25% of patients with psychosis, standard treatment with antipsychotic medication is ineffective. The only treatment that can help these patients is a medication called Clozapine. However, there is often a delay of several years before patients can access Clozapine treatment.  

Funding this project will enable clinicians at the South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust and the Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College London to evaluate a new approach designed to substantially reduce this delay, allowing patients to access effective treatment sooner. If successful, this approach is likely to change the way that people with ‘treatment resistant’ psychosis are treated. 

"We already have effective treatments for psychosis, but there are often delays before patients are given the medication that is best for them. We are evaluating this new approach that should make it easier for patients to get the right treatment at the right time."

Professor Philip McGuire, Head of Psychosis Studies, King’s College London