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Psychosis cannabis clinic

Europe's first clinic to treat first episode psychosis in cannabis users following hospital admission

Approximately a quarter of people presenting to South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust with their first episode of psychosis would not have developed psychosis if they had not used high potency cannabis. 

At present there is no specific intervention(s) addressing their cannabis use. Consequently at least one third continue cannabis use with increased relapse rates and hospitalization.  Through funding from the Maudsley Charity the project will establish and evaluate a clinic for these patients. 

This unique project is led by Dr Matra Di Forti, Consultant Psychiatrist from South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust and King’s College London.

Award winning

Marta’s work has been recognised by colleagues and patients as being outstanding, she is the winner of a staff award for kindness and caring –  she was recognised for her vast knowledge of the therapeutic options for mental health conditions and her research into the effects of cannabis on mental health.

The nominations were unanimous in their observations of Dr Di Forti’s treatment of service users as individuals with dignity, the deepest amount of care and taking extra steps to support patients at challenging times. Marta is seen as a massive inspiration to many.

Nominator, Prof. David Taylor said: “She has exceptional knowledge which she applies in a way that centres on benefit for her patients. The most exceptional thing about her is her ability to put herself in the position of her patients and to treat people with kindness.”