Complaints and feedback

If somebody would like to make a complaint about contact with our staff, a grant application that they have made or a grant that we have awarded, they should use the following guidance.

If somebody would like to make a complaint about contact with our staff, a grant application that they have made or a grant that we have awarded, they should use the following guidance. Making a complaint will have no bearing on the level of service that somebody receives from us. So, if the complaint is about a funding application, this will not affect their chances of getting a grant from us in the future. There are certain circumstances that our complaints process will not handle – this is explained further down.

What somebody can complain about:

  • somebody can complain if they believe that maladministration has taken place. For example, if we have delayed, made mistakes in, or failed to follow the procedures in our application process
  • we have failed to give somebody access to information or have given them incorrect advice or information
  • we have not treated somebody politely, we have discriminated against them or not treated them fairly.
  • If somebody’s complaint is concerning a funding application, we can only review the application again if:
    we discover that we did not follow the published procedures for assessing their application
    they can show that we have misunderstood a significant part of their application
    they can show that we did not take notice of relevant information.

What somebody cannot complain about:

  • A rejected application. Somebody may be disappointed if we turn down their application for funding, but they cannot use the complaints procedure to appeal against our decision on giving a grant if we have followed our decision-making process correctly
  • somebody cannot complain about our published policies through this process. If they have any comments about our policies, please contact us
  • fraud
  • do not use this complaints procedure to make a complaint about any fraud that somebody believes has taken place. They should report this to the police or the Charity Commission
  • concerns that fall outside our grant-making process:
  • somebody cannot use this complaints process for any interaction with us which is outside of our grant-making processes.

If somebody is not happy with the service they have received, contact us. This should be done as soon as possible after the incident that has resulted in their complaint. Please contact us on:

020 3696 9760 and dial option 4 for Maudsley Charity.

Or write to:
Maudsley Charity
82-96 Grove Lane


When making a complaint, the facts should be set out as clearly as possible, in a logical order. Remember to include important details and dates where possible. We can explain how we will process a complaint.

If somebody needs any help, they can contact their local Citizens Advice Bureau. To find a local bureau, please contact 03000 231231 or visit their website

We will keep all complaints confidential. If a complaint is made, we will treat it with respect, and we expect our staff to be treated in the same way. If possible, we will try to put things right. We hope that we can settle complaints as quickly as possible in this way.

Timeline of responding to complaints:

  • Within five working days of receiving a complaint, we will write or phone somebody to confirm receipt.
  • We will also tell them how they can contact the person who is dealing with their complaint and when they can expect a reply.
  • They will receive a final response to their complaint within ten working days. If we cannot give a full response in this time, we will tell them why and when they are likely to receive it.

Personal information
If somebody uses our complaints procedure, they are agreeing that we can use any personal information they send us for purposes connected with their complaint. We may also give their personal information to other people and organisations if we have to do so by law or if they have given us permission.

Equal opportunities
We are committed to equal opportunities and take complaints about discrimination seriously. We may use complaints about discrimination to review our policies and procedures. This is to make sure we treat everyone equally. We will keep all information confidential.

Please get in touch with us to discuss any specific communications needs you may have.