Essential information – Living Well With Psychosis

Explore detailed guidance about making an application to the Living Well With Psychosis fund.

Start here by downloading the Essential Information for Applicants below. It includes detailed information on criteria, types, scale and duration of projects, the kind of impact we’re looking for, permissions needed from inside your organisation, joint bids, the review process, as well as a comprehensive set of FAQs.

Please do not start to formulate your EOI without referring to this document.


For this phase of the programme, we are only accepting bids that are led by teams at South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust or the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience (IoPPN) but we know that many of the best ideas and approaches are collaborative. We welcome bids that demonstrate collaboration with other organisations including national and local charities, other care providers and public bodies, or universities. Funding will be managed by the lead organisation but may include costs for partner organisations.

  • Applications must be led by South London and Maudsley or IoPPN – partnership bids between the organisations and/or with relevant third parties are encouraged 
  • Applications must be endorsed by the appropriate senior leadership within the organisations 
  • The main beneficiaries of the work must be people who have experienced psychosis 
  • Appropriate governance arrangements including safeguarding, risk management and ethical approvals if required, must be in place.  
  • Appropriate diversity and inclusion practices and procedures must be included in the design and delivery of the proposal 
  • The work must focus on at least one of our 8 priority areas of interest (see below)


As well as the basic eligibility requirements, we will be assessing proposals under
the following criteria:

Delivery: Proposals that have a clear plan and detailed budget demonstrating what the need is and how activity responds to the need. They should have a strong, appropriately experienced team.

Inclusion: Projects should have a suitable approach to involving those who have lived experience and/or carers in their design and delivery. The approach should be appropriate and proportionate to the project delivery and aims.

Impact: Proposals should provide evidence and knowledge of the issues they are seeking to address and potential to improve outcomes for people who have
experienced psychosis.

Learning: Proposals should demonstrate the teams involved are learning-led and with a strong approach to monitoring, evaluation and sharing learning.

Priority areas

  1. People affected by psychosis having a greater voice and influence over their own care
  2. Increased access to and engagement with high quality personalised and effective therapy and medication
  3. Increased access to and engagement with high-quality, culturally appropriate peer and family support, information, and advice
  4. The impact of racism and discrimination on access to appropriate care at the right time is addressed
  5. Innovation leading to increased access to and engagement with help to avoid or reduce problematic cannabis use
  6. People affected by psychosis have a better experience of crisis
  7. Better use of data to understand risk and target care
  8. Improved opportunities for employment and volunteering

Key dates

This fund will have a rolling deadline that is linked to our quarterly Grants advisory committee or Trustee meetings where full bids will be considered.  We anticipate that the next phase of the fund will run throughout 2023 and potentially beyond into 2024-2025. 

Rolling deadlines for submitting Expressions of Interest are:

  • Friday, 7th April 2023
  • Friday, 7th July 2023
  • Friday, 8th September 2023


The Charity team will review the information provided in the Expressions of Interest and assess fit with the programme, quality and suitability of the bid.  If we would like to progress your proposal further, we will ask for additional information. We will speak with everyone progressing to full application.

Ready to apply?

Download and read the key documents below for important information about preparing and submitting a good application including a guide to our grant submission platform, Smart Simple.

When you’re ready, go to our Expressions of Interest page to make your submission.