January 23, 2020 → April 10, 2020 · Art + History | Bethlem Gallery | ORTUS

Through Practice

An exhibition on mental health and the law from Bethlem Gallery’s Mental Health and Justice public engagement project

Through Practice brings together a group of artists and organisations who are all part of the Bethlem Gallery’s Mental Health and Justice public engagement project. This exhibition provides a platform for the diverse range of art-making projects and practices that are developing alongside the academic research into Mental Health and the Law. An accompanying public programme will include opportunities to learn more and contribute to the emerging themes of the project. Artist led events will include risograph printing with Level Press and lunch-time conversations exploring the areas where mental health care meets the law.

Bethlem Gallery’s Mental Health and Justice Project is funded by Wellcome.

Featuring artworks, ideas, experiments, proposals and documentation by Bethlem Wood Library, Intoart and Mawuena Kattah, Mark Titchner, OOMK and Level Press, Re:create Psychiatry, Sarah Carpenter and the vacuum cleaner.

Image credit: Sarah Carpenter

The Maudsley Charity recognises the essential role the arts play in health, recovery and education. We fund projects including the Bethlem Gallery and Museum, that play a vital role in providing access to the arts in healthcare environments and engage audiences in learning and debate.

Re:create Psychiatry, In/Sight (Photo by Manuela Barczewski)
Table Setting, Mawuena Kattah, Glazed ceramic plates and screen printed linen tablecloth