September 7, 2023 → January 29, 2024 · Bethlem Gallery | Exhibition | ORTUS

Sea to See

A collection of 14 sea and landscape paintings by George Harding

George Harding: Sea to See

7 September 2023 – 29 January  2024

ORTUS, 82-96 Grove Lane, SE5 8SN

Open Monday – Friday, 8am – 5pm

Created during a camper van tour of South Devon and Dorset, the works showcase Harding’s ‘Plein Air’ technique – a French term referring to the practice of painting entire finished pictures outdoors.

Harding says:

“Immersing myself in nature and being by the sea has been therapeutic and good for my well-being whilst improving my painting technique and feeds in to my more experimental artwork.

Painting landscapes offers freedom and peace, allowing me to interpret the views subjectively unlike portrait painting where there is more judgement.

Painting outdoors has been crucial in breaking free from overthinking and unproductive studio struggles. It is a conversation with nature, providing endless opportunities for new artwork tide to the unique moment and experience of a place enabling me to see in new ways that are freeing and positive for my own personal growth and development as an artist.”