April 26, 2024 · Bethlem Gallery | ORTUS

Free drawing workshop with Jan Arden

Draw without thinking in our free ‘art automatism’ workshop at the ORTUS, Denmark Hill, led by artist Jan Arden - 26th April 2024, 1-3pm

@JanArdenArtist will be leading a free ‘art automatism’ drawing workshop on 26th April, from 1-3pm at ORTUS, Denmark Hill.

‘Art automatism’ refers to creating art without conscious thought, accessing material from the unconscious mind as part of the creative process.

Jan Arden uses art automatism in his own artistic practice. He creates what he sees on the paper after moving the Biro in dance-like movements, eyes closed and reaching into the subconscious for inspiration and guidance.

Participants will be invited to draw without thinking, using pens and pencils. The workshop is completely free to attend. Materials will be provided.

How to reserve your place

There are limited spaces available. Book your free place using Eventbrite https://bit.ly/janardws, by calling the gallery on 020 3228 4101 or emailing anna.parsonage@bethlemgallery.com.

If you are unable to attend the workshop, please contact us to cancel your place. We often have a waiting list.

A man standing behind a table, with a sculptural item, pens and pencils giving a talk
A woman seen from behind, drawing with a pen on paper
A pen drawing of a bird on paper