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Bethlem Gallery highlights the importance of art as therapy. Bethlem Gallery is a subsidiary (linked Charity).

In 2012 the Bethlem Gallery became a subsidiary (linked Charity) Registered charity number 1055440, Company number 08194872 – of the Maudsley Charity. The core funding provided by the Charity supports the Gallery’s programme and artists. Bethlem Gallery Projects Limited’s results are not consolidated into the Maudsley Charity group accounts due to being immaterial to the group accounts.

The Maudsley Charity recognises the essential role the arts play in health and recovery and the important opportunities the Bethlem Gallery provides to patients and former patients of South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust (SLaM).

Bethlem Gallery was established in 1997. It exists to support contemporary artistic practice and provides a professional space for high-quality artwork, fostered by a supportive artist-focused environment, offering opportunities for experimentation, collaboration and skills exchange. Through a programme of exhibitions, events, residencies, workshops, and interdisciplinary research the Gallery strives to develop the careers, experience and expertise of individuals who are either current or past patients of SLaM. 

Collaboration plays an important role in the work of the Gallery,  relationships with cultural organisations and initiatives locally and internationally; such as the Adamson Collection Trust, Bethlem Museum of the Mind, Gasworks, Wellcome Collection, and Tate Modern and importantly working closely with the Maudsley Charity to identify ways that we can maximise reach and impact across other projects that we fund.

Bethlem Gallery and Bethlem Museum of the Mind are two unique organisations based within a stunning Art Deco building within the grounds of the Bethlem Royal Hospital, the original ‘Bedlam’, located in the London Borough of Bromley. In 2015, supported by a £2m grant from the Charity, the Bethlem Gallery together with the Bethlem Museum of the Mind moved into the refurbished hospital Administration building. The move secured the unique collections for future generations and enables the public to see more of the incredible artwork both from the historic collection and from current artists involved with our services today. The old administration building’s grand art-deco staircase provides a fitting showcase for the world-renowned statues of ‘Raving’ and ‘Melancholy’ Madness, which originally stood above the gates of 17th century ‘Bedlam’.

You can find out more about the Bethlem Gallery in the case study section of our site.

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