Maudsley Charity Brand Guidelines

Our brand and visual identity guidelines can be found on this page, including logos and other resources to download.

Our Brand and Identity Guidelines

Our style guide documents the specifics of the Maudsley Charity’s brand and identity – the visual elements such as colours and fonts – and information on how to implement our branding.

Using the Maudsley Charity logo

The Maudsley Charity square must always appear at the left hand side of the document. Where we are the principal author it must be placed in the top left. When working with partner organisations our preference is for the logo to appear on the top or bottom left of the page. Our brand is designed this way so that we have flexibility when partnering with NHS and university organisations (who position their logos on the right and centre of documents).

Please refer to the brand guidelines document for further information on colours, sizes and positioning.

If you require other sizes or formats of our logo, then please get in touch using the contact form below.

Logo downloads

Download zip files containing different sizes and formats of the Maudsley Charity's logos


General Logo Various formats

Supported by logo

Supported By Various formats


Funded by Various formats